Frequently Asked Questions

whole wheat pasta

Why ‘thehiddencook’?

The name just came to me.  I was preparing lunch and I just picked up my camera and starting filming and explaining what I was doing.  I thought about the process and the fact that I wasn’t actually ‘talking in front of the camera’ but rather talking from behind, I was hidden and I liked it.  When I thought about the deeper meaning, the fact that I am not a professional chef/cook, but just someone who likes to cook, it occurred to me that everyone must have an hidden cook within themselves, just waiting to come out.  The name just stuck and it feels right.  Oh and also, I blog in secret;  nobody except for my husband is aware that I blog.  I take photos and tell everyone of my family and friends that the photos are for someone else (an overseas friend/relative) and they never really question it.  I feel somewhat bad about it, but I also get a rush from knowing that nobody really knows that I spend my time doing this!

Images Copyright

All of the images used on belong to, unless otherwise specified and cannot be used unless prior permission is granted from the author of  If you would like to use any of the images for personal use, please feel free to contact me via email

How can I contact you?

I can be reached by email at:  thehiddencook [at] gmail [dot] com


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