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david’s tea: creme caramel rooibos- a review

trini choka & sada roti

hearty chicken & roasted vegetable soup

addendum to dream ultra lounge & bar review

david’s tea- a review

back home and happy

upcoming weeks

mahi mahi, swiss chard and roasted vegetables

and that’s what’s up…

dream ultra lounge & bar review

start, stop? both or neither?

fennel pumpkin soup with ciabatta parmesan crostini

pork with plantain compote and mashed potatoes

market goods 31/01/13

coconut ginger maple chicken with sweet potatoes

the path to health is a bit bumpy

trini fruit spotlight- kymit (cayemite)

bacco pizzeria italiana review

trip to the zoo

cilantro detoxifying smoothie

multi-use ginger sauce

fruits and ginger sauce

baked fish platter

visiting a local fishing village

am I vain enough?

this is pastelle

pawpaw dreams

fishy smells and dirty toes

trip to the market

my 7 simple ‘musts’ for getting healthy and staying healthy

so what? my stomach shakes!

soy sauce baked chicken salad

pineapple yogurt breakfast



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