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david’s tea: creme caramel rooibos- a review


Since my last review, I haven’t been able to resist having more of my DavidsTea.  This tea is so captivating and irresistible that I’ve had to sneak a few cups, without totally disrupting the canister’s contents (so that I can photograph for future reviews)! I call it ‘work’ since I need to really taste the tea before I review it.  Ok, ok, I give up.  I cheated. Wouldn’t you cheat as well if you had 24 enticing teas, each fragrant and unique, to try?

I ‘tested’ forever nuts sometime last week and have to say I was impressed. The beautiful, yet surprising pink colour of this tea-from the unusual addition of beets- really balances out the nutty aroma of this soothing tea.  I wasn’t able to photograph it, but look out for photos from that ‘testing’ in the near future.


Today I am talking about another blend- the creme caramel rooibos.  I chose this tea from my caffeine free selection and decided to shine a spotlight on it for its dessert-like quality (and come on, creme caramel? Who wouldn’t want to sample this flavor profile in a tea?).  I wanted to assess whether the makers of DavidsTea were successful at translating the warmth and smoothness of creme caramel, into a tea.


I was skeptical at first, but from the moment this warm, lush rooibos tea touched my lips, I was converted.  Admittedly, I didn’t know much about rooibos(pr. roy-boss) before this first cup;  apparently it’s all that tea drinkers around the globe are talking about now- the latest ‘best thing’ for tea drinking connoisseurs. This legume family member is grown exclusively in South Africa and is also called ‘red bush’ and touted to ease digestive woes, nervous tensions and allergies with its high antioxidant powers.  It’s also caffeine free!

The scent of rooibos is quite distinct- strangely reminiscent to the pipe tobacco that my father uses- its crisp and fresh, almost citrus bouquet bares a peculiar resemblance to mint. The earthy aroma is deceptively simplistic. The complex melange of  undertones and highlights make this tea very difficult to describe.  Additionally, the tea is a blend- rooibos at its core, caramel chunks and other flavorings rounding out its periphery.


I made my cup with milk and sugar- a truly decadent nectar to complement my subtly sweet, buttery French sables cookies, (courtesy my generous sibling), fresh strawberries and a tuna salad(courtesy my kind husband) sandwich made with a mini, individually-sized coconut bake(courtesy ‘the indroid’ and artisan lettuces- a bonafide fusion of global sampling!

thc-davidsteacreamcaramelcupI savored the sweet, silkiness of the melted caramel chunks counterbalanced against the sublime, earthy, almost minty perfumes of the rooibos, made ever more velvety by the addition of cream.  The warmth of this dessert tea is best captured when brewed for 8-10 minutes and is only enhanced further by the addition of cream and sugar. Its cozy, clean taste was surprising and refreshing all at the same time. I thoroughly enjoyed its flavor as the scent wafted through our house seemingly attracting the neighbors.

thc-davidstea-cremecaramelrooibossables thc-davidstea-cremecaramelrooibostea_1

I would definitely recommend DavidsTea-creme caramel rooibos tea!

david’s tea- a review


Ok, so I was fortunate enough to be given two boxes of David’s tea for my birthday- I am an avid tea drinker, I collect tea pots and all things tea, so this was a great gift!

I had never heard of DAVIDsTEA before, which evidently is a Canadian staple.  The company started up in 2008 and has been enjoying wonderful success since then.  The teas are beautiful and vibrant, mellow and relaxing- all at the same time!  Apparently there are over 150 varieties of tea to be had at David’s tea locations found throughout Canada- I’m thrilled to have 24 in my 2 box sets, plenty for me to get started on!


I’m planning to try one tea each week so that I could fully appreciate the flavor and blends of these beautifully packaged teas, so this is sort of of a ‘part 1 of 24’ series.

What I can say so far is that I simply adore the packaging! The boxes are beautiful and the individual canisters filled with brightly colored, tangibly textured and distinctly perfumed teas are genuine keepsakes.  I immediately thought of brewing the teas, drinking them and saving the canisters for some creative project or the other.  I can’t wait to see what I come up with.  For now though, I’m delighted to savor the flavor of these little unique blends.

With names like ‘forever nuts’, ‘pink flamingo’, ‘saigon chai’ and ‘happy kombucha’ I was enthralled!

My first taste came compliments of ‘saigon chai’ and let me tell you, I was not disappointed! I could smell the cardamom, clove and cinnamon immediately after opening the individually packaged blend, the bright pink peppercorns jumping out at me.  The smell was familiar- those chai spices that I’ve grown to crave from time to time, especially when my mother visits. The saigon chai came in my ‘around the world’ box- an austere black box with beautiful dandelions imprinted in subtle lustre.


I brewed the recommended amount by the suggested method and time and sat quietly to enjoy the unique fusion of scents and tastes without the addition of milk or sugar- pure, straight, uncorrupted.  The smell permeated our house- warm cinnamon intermingling with the spicy aroma of fiery pink peppercorns and familiar peppery ginger perfectly intertwined with assam tea.  The tea felt rich, yet soothing, hot yet cooling.  Needless to say, my first taste of DavidsTea was a pleasant, comforting and perfectly familiar experience. I look forward to sampling the other blends- don’t know if I’ll be able to try just one each week!

thcdavidsteasetup thcdavidsteasaigondetail thcdavidsteasaigonfinal