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fishy smells and dirty toes

So in my last post I showed some photos from my market trip.  If you remember in one of my earlier posts ‘my 7 simple ‘musts’ for getting healthy and staying healthy’ I mentioned that I wanted to eat more fish?


Well at the Marabella market you can find a wide variety of fish- king fish, sharks, moonshine, carite, cascadura, shrimps, even crabs(mmm, I can taste the crab and dumpling)and more.  I usually go on Sundays and purchase the fish I feel like trying and then cook it immediately; I really don’t like leaving fish for longer than a day in the fridge so I try to purchase and cook the same day.


Some of the vendors don’t keep their fish under the right conditions and in this blistering heat I think the fish are at risk of rotting pretty quickly.  So, I’m really careful about who I buy from.  There’s a guy named Ravi who sells at the back of this fish section; his fish is always fresh and kept in a freezer/cooler with lots of ice.  Packing fish on ice is a MUST.  Some of the photos I got today show a little less than favorable conditions, but who am I to judge?  Some of these people get off their fishing boats and come straight to the market and I suppose the turnover is fast enough that it’s safe.



What amazed me about the trip to the market- and this is probably only the second time ever I’ve gone to photograph the stalls and bustling activity there- is that the vendors, well not just the vendors, but everyone, is so keen on being photographed! You cannot help but be warmed by their generosity to share themselves.  I haven’t included their images because I am after all, thehiddencook!  However, that doesn’t make me any less impressed and grateful to them for sharing their time and a part of themselves with me.  So, thank you!