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trip to the zoo

Today was a very special day.  We took our little one to the zoo for the first time ever!majestic



It was lovely to revisit the Emperor Valley Zoo, here in Trinidad, again after many many years.  I love zoos, always have.  I make an effort to go to zoos every time I visit a new country/city.  I think it tells a lot about the country- much like markets do- since you can really see what money has been put into not only its upkeep, but also the state of the animals- their living conditions, their nourishment and their general wellbeing.



Our zoo isn’t the best- it frankly isn’t even close to being the best.  It’s unfortunate especially since it’s the country’s only zoo; the only place where children and adults alike could visit and learn about animals.  It saddens me that more of our country’s money isn’t put into our only zoo (especially since it isn’t specifically being spent on our health care system either!).

otter house

Among the animals we got a chance to see were the lions- always intriguing and regal, their size and elegance never gets tired and capybara- the world’s largest rodents- I can’t say I’d ever want to wake up to the sound of rustling in my kitchen cupboards and stumble upon one of these behemoths! Others included the Ocelot- a wild cat similar to a cougar, cheetah found in the jungles of Trinidad and Tobago, alligators, baboons, monkeys, snakes, various fish, macaws and parrots. I really didn’t take too many photos since I was busy enjoying the animals and the time with my family…



lions' den

king lion