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visiting a local fishing village


So today I was able to go to a couple of places and get a few things done.  I went to Trinidad’s main ‘member shopping store’ called Pricesmart.  Basically, this store was the first ever in Trinidad and Tobago and is still largely popular.  I can’t think, off the top of my head, whether there are other places like this in T&T…hmmm, I wonder?


pricesmart complex

Anyway, we went there to do some shopping- get our laundry detergent, a few vegetables that ran out and other little monthly requirements.  For the Trinibagonians reading this, I’m sure you would be glad to see a couple of photos of familiar territory!  I hope so anyway.  I’m always happy to see my home country when I’m away!


So, after shopping there we went to this fishing village called Othaheite.  It’s located in south-west Trinidad and found at the junction of the Oropouche river and the Gulf of Paria(see RED arrow on Trinidad map below courtesy water looks quite brown and muddy since the river opens out into the sea- but the abundance of fish is the trade off!  I’ve been there a few times and find it quite rewarding to visit the local fishermen, hear their interesting stories and learn more about our fish.  It’s really very enlightening- I learn something new every time I go there to purchase our fish.

Trinidad Map-from

on the way

To get to Othaheite we have to pass the ‘Mosquito Creek’ where a crematorium- open air- is located.  I tried to take a few snaps, but unfortunately(or maybe fortunately) was unsuccessful.

othaheite parking

Othaheite bay

I ended up buying two small ‘red fish/snapper’- I don’t know the proper names of the fish, just the Trini names.  Among the fish I spotted some conchs/lambe.  They are delicious! Almost every island that I’ve been to has a special way of preparing these little sea ‘gems’, in Trinidad we prefer them curried.  I can’t say they are as popular here as they are in say Martinque, Guadeloupe, Grenada or other islands- I don’t know why!

king fish fish conches

my red fish being cleaned

Perhaps the only thing that I’m always bit surprised and disappointed about is the lack of proper storage.  Despite these fishermen saying that they’ve caught these fish ‘just a few hours ago’, I just wonder why keeping them on ice isn’t promoted more.  I guess we’re all so accustomed to purchasing fish like this that maybe it doesn’t bother us too much? But I’m always pretty careful about what I purchase and from where…I think you have to be.  So it makes me want to ask you, would you purchase fish/sea food that’s not being stored on ice?