more vino, more sushi, trinidad- a review

thc-morevinocollageWe have been patrons of More Vino, More Sushi (will be referred to as ‘More Vino’ henceforth) for quite some time now. We first starting buying their sushi when there wasn’t yet a San Fernando branch and we always loved it.
When More Vino decided to open up a branch in the ‘South land’ we were thrilled!  We thought to ourselves ‘great, now we would be able to get good sushi in south!’

We have never looked back!

The quality and selection of More Vino’s sushi is unparallelled to others that I have sampled here in Trinidad! With clean, crisp, modern interiors, a relaxed and unpretentious exterior, an extensive wine list (it is called More Vino) and friendly, accommodating staff, More Vino is sure to please even the most exacting of patrons.

thc-morevino-smokesalmonbitesI dined at More Vino on a Friday afternoon- just past midday.  We were a party of seven ‘hungry for sushi-thirsty from the midday sun-toddler-wielding grown-ups’. This never once intimidated our gracious waiter- a wonderfully pleasant, ‘willing to please’ young man.  Opting to dine in More Vino’s beautiful courtyard area, we quickly noticed that the passing traffic faded seamlessly into the landscape.  The decor in the exterior dining area- with dark wicker tables and chairs, grape vines enthusiastically growing towards the heavens anchored to weathered wooden columns, wooden barrels serving as plant pots housing lush shrubbery and unpainted concrete floors contrasting against More Vino’s trademark royal purple and neon green- can well be described an eclectic melange of Caribbean cool and Mediterranean chic.  It works.

thc-morevino-exteriordiningareaThe interior areas are outfitted with bar height modern tables and chairs- again in a darker colour palette-  a sushi bar complete with a sushi chef working in earnest to fulfill the desires of all patrons and a bar area- dimmed lights and wine glasses seemingly hovering overhead.  The downstairs area inside is quite small while being sufficient  which makes me feel comforted in the fact that More Vino probably followed the restauranteur’s golden rule, ‘your kitchen should be twice as big as your dining area’.  It works.


Now that I have painted the picture of what More Vino, More Sushi, San Fernando is like, let’s get to the good part…the really, really good part- the food.

I say without reservation or hesitation, MORE VINO’S SUSHI IS THE BEST SUSHI IN TRINIDAD!

I have eaten (boy, have I) more times there than any other restaurant in San Fernando…I have ordered, I have dined in, I have had it at friend’s get-togethers and I have shamelessly eaten leftovers from friends and family- it has always been great and has never once disappointed me. Not once!

thc-morevino-maracassushi From sushi neophytes to connoisseurs and everything in between, More Vino has the pickings to please even the most discerning.  With items like the last samurai, sushi pizza and riceless crab rolls those who are hesitant to try or are new to sushi are sure to be converted into diehard fans. The volcano, iron chef rolls and a variety of sashimi and nigiri offer a wide selection for the more adventurous or refined sushi palates. The fish is sublime, silky smooth and buttery- I almost envisage the head chef in the kitchen bludgeoning a fish from some cloistered tank in a hidden enclave and serving it- a beat of life still remaining in its heart- to me, or anyone else fortunate enough to dine at More Vino.  It’s that fresh!

thc-morevino-sushilimeThe portions are sizable- an average 8 rolls per purchase- served with the staple sides of wasabi and gari (pickled ginger).  The appetizers are good- edamame, dumplings, fried calamari and a variety of tempura makes up a list of about 12 items. Sashimi, platters, salads, soups and even pasta and steak(!) can be found on More Vino’s extensive menu. Something admirable, since sometimes you might find yourself dining with a friend who simply cannot be convinced to try sushi!

We ordered the following rolls- pizza roll (new), riceless crab, maracas, last samurai, volcano, sophie jan, iron chef and dickiemoto- a lot of sushi, but how can you choose just one? Here are a few comments about some of the rolls.

thc-morevino-pizza rollThe pizza roll is particularly enigmatic in its ability to trick the taste buds- it’s flat rice base serves as the ‘crust’ while ‘toppings’ like salmon, cheese and even pineapple are baked on top and drizzled with a garlicky mayo.  The taste is outstanding!

thc-morevino-ricelesscrabThe riceless crab is one not to be dismissed as a ‘low carb dieter’s dream’. At the helm of this roll is soft shell crab tightly and expertly packaged into rice paper drizzled with spicy mayo, and topped with a sliver of red onion for that textural pop. The taste is exquisite!

thc-morevino-sophiejanrollSophie Jan is an unassuming roll- I picture ‘her’ sitting quietly at the back, waiting to be noticed. She is not to overlooked; with salmon, tempura shrimp, garlic sauce and the surprising addition of pistachios- the sophie jan roll is delectable!

thc-morevino-lastsamurairollsThe last samurai became a surprising favorite of mine within the last year.  I’ve never been one to shy away from the ‘real sushi’- raw fish- and stick to cooked favorites, but I had to try this one under the suggestion of a cousin of mine.  I wonder sometimes how I survived without it! The beef is cooked to perfection, the crab salad gorgeously tasty and the crisp cucumbers are refreshing and subdued. Definitely one to try! The taste is exceptional!

thc-morevino-ironchef rollThe iron chef is a deliciously simple roll- salmon, crab salad and tobiko (flying fish roe)- which brings the sea to your mouth. I love the salty taste of fresh sea water as the roe pops in my mouth! These little eggs seem to tell a whole story of the ocean when they are eaten. The taste is refined and buttery, smooth and velvety!

Noteworthy points

  • It’s probably best to make reservations on Fridays and Saturdays since the place fills up pretty quickly
  • the service is great and the staff are very friendly
  • parking extends along the streets and there’s always a parking attendant there to assist
  • two locations- San Fernando and Ariapita Avenue, POS
  • you can order online @!


  • Great sushi, always fresh and always good!
  • Nice ambience- trying dining outdoors
  • Quite fast with orders
  • Wide slection
  • Very good portion sizes
  • One of the best mojitos I’ve ever had!
  • Extensive wine list
  • Clean, professional environment


  • Sometimes parking can be tricky on busy nights but attendants are always ready and available to guide you
  • Can be a bit pricey (especially when you order hundreds of rolls!)

Rating – 9.75/10

I would definitely recommend More Vino, More Sushi San Fernando!


 More Vino:On the web
More Vino on facebook (South)
33 Scott Street, San Fernando                       223-VINO
23 O’Connor Street, POS                                622- VINO



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  1. tn

    lovely pics….I missed your posts when you were gone!

    March 15, 2013 at 14:15:34

    • thehiddencook

      Hi tn, thank you so much, that’s very kind of you! I missed posting and I’m glad you appreciate the blog!

      March 15, 2013 at 15:15:34

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