trip to the market


Today is Sunday.  It’s market day for us- in my family at least.  It’s the first time I’m taking my little one.  We go to the Marabella market located in South Trinidad.  It’s vibrant colors and characteristic scents remind me of when I myself was a little one and I’d go with my mother.  I always loved it.  The people, the colors, the chatter, the produce.  It’s about getting in touch with the real Trinibagonians, the people who we seldom think about; those kind folk who choose to make their livelihoods toiling away beneath the blistering sun so that we-you and I- could taste and sample only the freshest crops.  I admire them. I love them.  They are my people.

pumpkinpiccassavatomatoes dasheen bushshattine pumpkinmosaicmarket

Everything looked enticing and fresh today at the market and I’m keen to see what recipes I come up with during the week!

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